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Genetic Life


Delivers More Actual Nutrition Into The Body.


Other Brands


Most Other Brands Varies On Glutens and Fillers. Chart Depicts An Average.



For LESS than $2.00 a day, you can feed the BEST optimal pet nutrition!

As a consumer you must surely be aware of the plethora of exotic dog foods

available to consumers that are formulated with “wild animal meat, wild fish, and wild foul.” Manufacturers would have you believe they are out hunting down the food each day. Look at the unusual options that are on store shelves. From Vegetarian diets to the new phrase "Holistic Dog Food." Dogs are not BEARS so a dog food diet full of Salmon would be silly. Turkey is a STRESS on the gastronomical tract of most anyone and they are no longer wild dogs. We have created the best of both worlds with our mix of chicken with a compliment of Salmon.