Dog is Dog, as Human is Human.

THINK... As Humans we can eat "breed specific" (if you will) with NO particular benefit. We can eat Italian, Chinese, French, Soul Food, Tex Mex, or any other food you might term "breed specific" and what is important is not that we eat "Breed Specific" ... BUT that we as humans derive ACTUAL HEALTHY NUTRITION when we eat by making intelligent choices about what we put into our bodies.

Dogs have NOT been wild for hundreds of years so called Holistic OR Raw dog food diets are both a potential bacteria and a long term intestinal nightmare. It is in the BONES! Pets are put at risk for long term damage from the effects of eating bones.

Since dogs are not wild their “staple diet” now comes from what humans feed to them. If your dog is FAT, you did it. STOP feeding them HUMAN FOOD or overfeeding them and too many snacks. You do not need a low calorie specialized dog food diet ... you need to feed less calories but maintain HEALTHY NUTRITION.

The Genetic Life research team has formulated the best recipe for dog foods to hopefully guide the public back to a common sense approach when it comes to Pet Nutrition. Our research team approached ALL BREEDS from the view of HEALTHY NUTRITION including the knowledge that many dogs are LINE BRED with some known health issues because of poor breedings.

We do not need BREED SPECIFIC FOODS or wild crazed formulas. We need ONE great dog food that provides optimal nutrition each and every day. GENETIC LIFE is for all life stages, and all breeds, from best puppy food, to adult dog food and into the senior years each bag is packed with maximum HEALTHY NUTRITION for optimal health in domesticated pets.

BY CHOICE and intentional formulation, our food contains things dogs would not normally have eaten in the wild.


As humans who own domesticated pets we each have the intelligent responsibility to provide a better "staple diet" for optimal health at all life stages of our pets. You have the ability to feed your puppy the best puppy food from the beginning and to continue to provide optimal health into the adult and senior years. We believe that you with the right knowledge have the ability to make a WISE CHOICE concerning your pet's health.