Let's Have An Honest Talk About Dog Stool

My name is Austin and I am the breeder of the best Genetic English Bulldogs in the world. I am also the reason this food took two years to develop. Having picked up my fair share of stool I can assure you none of what I have seen over the years comes close to what we did with Genetic Life All Breeds Food. A great stool makes a healthy pet. No one talks about this part but it is critical in the health and nutrition of your pet.

Let Me Explain...

Two Words PROBIOTICS/MICROBIALS were the reason I kept rejecting the formulas. In your pet's digestive system there needs to be a good balance of flora and good bacteria. When this great balance is established each day, the digestive tract will normally extract the maximum nutrition from the food at a better rate and the stool will tell the story. Medications destroy the intestinal flora in a pet or human for that matter, and Genetic Life reestablishes the flora with every feeding.

The correct balance for extracting the optimal nutrition is in Genetic Life and you will see it in the stool. Not too soft, not to dry, but just right. Take it from a poop picker upper my dogs are in perfect health because we spent so much time making sure that the nutrition in Genetic Life All Breeds was actually entering the body.